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Our mission is to showcase lesser-known RPG publishers and games, and to demonstrate how RPGs and storytelling can engage people of various ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to foster empathy and compassion and reignite the mythic storytelling tradition.

We provide space for all players to discover new games and inspire storytelling, exploration, and discovery in TTRPGs.  

Iconic’s 2022 show lineup includes a variety of Tabletop Roleplaying Games on Twitch, which we then upload to YouTube so you never have to miss an episode! We love playing games with friends, building community, and collective storytelling.

Our Podcasts

Exploring Glorantha is, as the title suggests, all about Glorantha: its lore, its systems, and story building. This video podcast streams live for our Patreon supporters and then becomes available to the public on YouTube.

The Grand Campaign discusses the benefits of planning long-term games and stories to use at your table.

Behind the Screen is a quick coffee break with JM, where he does everything from talk about design game elements to review games. This video podcast streams live on Twitch and lands on YouTube, and it is a great exploration into writing RPGs and creating epic adventures and monsters.

Iconic Podcast is about all things Pelgrane Press. It is currently in it’s 6th season, which focuses on the Gumshoe System. Join hosts JM, Mark, and Becca as they talk gaming.


Dames & Dice

Actual Play Podcasts

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